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      Maki in Iron County District Court

      An Iron River man charged with attempted murder and armed robbery began his preliminary examination Monday in Iron County District Court.

      Arne Maki, 34, is facing 15 charges for a domestic violence incident back on August 7. Maki is also being charged with unlawful imprisonment, assault with a dangerous weapon, and felony firearm possession. He allegedly went to the home of his ex-girlfriend, Rhonda Nichols, with a 30-caliber rifle and held up three people at gunpoint, including Brian Nichols. Nobody was seriously injured.

      Monday in court, Brian Nichols described the incident.

      "He was waiting for Rhonda and Jamie to get back," said Brian Nichols.

      "And did he indicate to you why he was waiting for them?" asked the prosecutor.

      "He said he was going to shoot Jamie in the chest and shoot Rhonda in the face so she could not be recognized at the funeral," Nichols added.

      The defense disputed some of Nichols' accounts of the incident.

      After the alleged crime, Maki fled the state and was arrested in Outagamie County, Wisconsin the following day.

      The prosecution only must prove probable cause to have the case bound over to circuit court.

      His preliminary examination will continue Tuesday morning in Iron County District Court.