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      Making a greener impact, on Earth Day

      Earth Day was a great opportunity to rally people together to help clean the Noquemanon Trail Network for the summer.

      The focus was on the Tourist Park trail in Marquette. Members of the Noquemanon Trail Network, Beta Alpha Psi fraternity, and Switchback Gear Exchange helped clean up garbage. More than 30 arrived to help. More than 100 pounds of garbage and more than 50 pounds of dog waste were cleaned up.

      "I'm pretty enthusiastic. I think that people care a lot about the trails, and Earth Day is a good excuse to get out and do something, feel like you're doing something good for the environment," said coordinator Lindsay Bean.

      All supplies were provided by the Noquemanon Trail Network. This was the first Earth Day clean-up for the trail network, but they hope to have more in the future.