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      Making homemade paper

      Buying handmade paper can be expensive, so the Moosewood Nature Center in Marquette taught the public how to make their own!

      Local residents were able to put their creative side to the test by making something old into something new again. They brought in old paper products, such as torn notes, lint, paper cups, bark, and any other discarded pieces to make the paper.

      Participants were shown how to tear up and put back together the old pieces to make a brand new sheet of homemade paper.

      "I wanted to offer this to the public and Moosewood members so that people learn more about how to recycle some of the items that would normally go in the trash," said Tiffany Rantanan, a volunteer at the Moosewood Nature Center.

      At the end of the project, everyone was able to take their paper masterpieces home to construct a brand new craft.