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      Making music since 1930

      Since 1930, the Negaunee Male Chorus has been entertaining audiences with their music. They are set to perform in their annual Spring Concert this Saturday night at 7 p.m. at the Peterson Auditorium in Ishpeming.

      The group is a close community of all ages, according to chorus president Robert Veale.

      "This is a family," said Veale. "A bunch of guys who like to sing. Some guys sing really outstanding, some sing better in the shower, but when we put our voices together and sing, it's a nice sound. A male chorus has a big sound to it if it's in tune, and our director keeps us pretty much in tune for the whole practice."

      The chorus is directed by Vicki Lempinen and accompanied by Linda Hurrell. Veale explained what is on the program for Saturday.

      "Some real new numbers, especially the one on Shenandoah," he said. "We have some old favorites. We're going to be about 35 (members) strong; should be a good sound. Our Strictly Gospel group will be singing; they've always been popular."

      Veale said the group has learned some new pieces for this concert.

      "We always like to have one or two stretch songs," he said. "As old as we are, we still like to learn something new, and we've got a couple songs by composer Greg Gilpin. They're very dissonant songs, and they're a real stretch for us to learn, but we're really looking forward to singing those new songs."

      Bill Schrandt is a longtime member of the chorus and a trustee of the group. He said Negaunee Male Chorus concerts are always well attended and are a great way to transition into summer. Schrandt explained how he feels while creating music.

      "When you're singing, that's all you can think about is singing. And the weight of the week, or the weight of the burden that's on your back, has to go in order for you to focus," said Schrandt.

      Tickets for Saturday's concert are $10 each and can be purchased from any chorus member or from a variety of Marquette County businesses: Peninsula Bank, downtown Ishpeming; Jubilee Foods, US-41 Ishpeming; Peninsula Bank, inside Jubilee Foods; Tourville North, Marquette; TruNorth Federal Credit Union, Ishpeming; Range Bank, US-41 Negaunee; Super One Foods, Negaunee; and Tourville West, Marquette.

      Tickets will also be sold at the door.