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      Making the U.P. cleaner, one recyclable at a time

      Superior Corners 4-H and the Superior Central National Honor Society worked to make the U.P. a little cleaner Saturday.

      They held their semi-annual collection of recyclables. National Honor Society students are taking the recycled paper to the paper plant in Manistique. They'll also receive some money to put back into their organization from that drop-off. Teachers say it's a win-win opportunity.

      "Otherwise it's going in the landfill. We can save that space in our landfills to use this paper. It'll be repurposed in the U.P., so there's people in the U.P. that have jobs," said Dawn Hayes, an advisor.

      The Alger County 4-H Youth Conservation Council was also on hand, offering a "green" cleaner exchange for those who brought in chemical cleaners. The "green" mixture of vinegar and water helps keep the local water supply clean.