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      Making up for lost revenue

      Cities across the state have been feeling the loss of revenue sharing. It is estimated that the city of Marquette lost out on 6.9 million dollars in revenue sharing over the past ten years.

      "It certainly has required us to tighten our belts quite a bit. We're still providing the best services that we can and we want our citizens to be protected, so that's our primary focus," said Gary Simpson, Chief Financial Officer of Marquette.

      Marquette has seen cuts in the form of early retirement, trimming benefits for full-time employees, as well as a pay freeze for some management staff.

      While the times are tough, it could be worse. A bright spot for the citizens of Marquette lies within the police department.

      "Luckily for us we've been able to keep up with the pace pretty good and I would say the changes are very subtle,â?? said Mike Angeli, Chief of Police in Marquette.

      Now for the first time in over 10 years, Governor Snyder has proposed increased revenue sharing for the 2015 budget. This is great news, but it isn't the big increase many cities are looking for.

      "Any extra money helps. We're looking at maybe $50,000 extra. When you look at a city wide budget of say $60 million, 50,000 is not much, but we aren't going to complain," said Simpson.

      Unless a new source of revenue can be found, cuts will continue in many cities across the state and not just Marquette.