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      Man accused of killing wife appears in court

      Kenneth Wayne Peters faces charges of two counts of homicide and a count of second degree vulnerable adult abuse in the death of his wife, Ethel Grzena Peters.

      On Wednesday, the prosecution called a total of 11 witnesses to testify. Jessica Swanson testified about Ethel and Ken's relationship.

      "Scared, she was scared. She always tried keeping her distance," said Swanson.

      Ethel went missing on August 3. Her remains were found a week later in Watersmeet Township near a trail not far from her home located on Beaver Station Road.

      "He comes running back and is like, let's go. We need to get to the closest neighbor. It's a body. We need to call the police," said Rebecca Rizelly, the person who found her body.

      Prosecutor Richard Adams attempted to piece together a timeline leading up to Ethel's death. Witnesses said they observed some unusual behavior leading up to her disappearance. Ethel and Ken were last seen together at the B.P. gas station the evening of August 3.

      The prosecution and defense questioned Jessica Swanson, the person who reported Ethel missing. Prior to making that report, Swanson asked Peters what happened to Ethel.

      "Well, did you kill her, lol, joking around, yeah laughing out loud, and he got straight faced, silent and then left. (He said) 'Do I look like the murdering type?'" Swanson said.

      Judge Anders Tingstad, Jr. did not reach an immediate decision on whether to hold Peters for trial. He plans to make that decision September 20 after reviewing the definition of a vulnerable adult.