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      Man attacked by bear

      A Marinette County Sheriff's deputy shot and killed a black bear after it attacked a man on Wednesday afternoon.

      According to police, a man was attacked by the bear in the town of Silver Cliff in Marinette County on Wednesday at around 1:25 p.m.

      According to the report, the man noticed the bear going after his dog and went to call his dog back inside their cabin. The bear then chased the man down and took him to the ground. The man was able to get up and make it to a corner of the cabin, where the bear caught and attacked him again.

      The sheriff's deputy says that the wife of the man that was attacked grabbed a gun from inside the home, but had never operated it before and was unable to load it. She struck the bear on the head and was able to give the gun to her husband, who used it to keep the bear at a distance while they retreated inside the cabin.

      According to the deputy, when he arrived the bear was standing in the driveway. He grabbed his shotgun and got out of his squad car, waited for the bear to circle around the car and shot it.

      The man was treated for bites and scratches going from his belt to the back of his head and was taken to the hospital. His condition is not being released at this time.

      A Conservation Warden assisted at the scene and took the bear to be tested for rabies, according to police.

      Photos credit Marie Ninnemann