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      Man bikes across the nation, visits Upper Michigan

      A man who has biked across the continental United States and is still going is now visiting the U.P.

      In 2008, Craig Bierly sold his home and possessions in Spokane, Wash. and retired from Boeing to bike across the country. By 2009, he biked across trails in each of the 48 contiguous states and now revisits each state to find new trails. Bierly travels state to state in his green van where he lives. Along the way he collects stickers from different bike shops, and on Thursday visited the bike shop in Houghton before hitting the Michigan Tech trails. Bierly's father is a Michigan Tech graduate.

      On Friday, Bierly was in Marquette exploring more bike trails.

      "I wanted to see these places before my body wore out, and I just had the opportunity that it just worked out," said Craig Bierly.

      At 62 years of age, Bierly rides three to seven times per week and is approaching his 900th ride since he started his journey.