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      Man burned after chemical explosion

      A Bristol, Wisconsin man suffered serious burns to his hands and torso on Saturday just before 1:28 p.m., after police said he mixed chemicals together from a product known as Tannerite.

      Police from the Negaunee State Police Post said 60-year-old John Groschopf was standing near his ORV and mixing the chemicals with his hands while in a gravel pit near Chief Lake.

      Two teens were also in the area target shooting with firearms when the explosion happened. The teens used Groschopf's ORV and took him from the gravel pit to an ambulance waiting on Fence River Road.

      One of the teen's ears were damaged because of the loud explosion. The other teen was wearing ear protection at the time.

      The explosion was ruled accidental by police.

      According to the Tannerite website, the product was specifically designed to be safe and non-flammable, whether it's sitting on a shelf, being mixed or used. When shot with a high-power rifle, it produces a water vapor and a loud boom.