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      Man carries on deer feeding tradition

      Have you ever seen a large herd of deer? Roland Koski in Negaunee Township gets the chance every day and feeds them in his backyard.

      The tradition started years ago as a hobby and now it has grown into a passion. Every year, from the end of deer hunting season until April, he feeds them twice a day.

      At first, it was a few and now the number of deer has grown to more than 50. He prepares two gallons of corn, deer cubes, alfalfas, and donuts for the feed. Koski says he spends at least $300 every month.

      "I just feel sorry, because they're so hungry looking," said Koski. "I just love watching them at this age. I can watch them every day, twice a day...which I do."

      Koski says in all the years he's been feeding them, only two deer have been killed by cars.