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      Man charged in stabbing of deputy at ski event

      The Norway man charged in the stabbing incident at the Pine Mountain Ski Jumps appeared in Dickinson County District Court Friday.

      Seventy-four-year-old Andrew Michael Bray was charged with one count of assault with intent to murder and one count of carrying a concealed weapon.

      The charges stem from an incident at the Pine Mountain Ski Jumping Tournament. Bray allegedly stabbed a deputy in the upper back.

      At the preliminary examination, defense attorney Dan Jaspen requested an order for a mental examination as it relates to Bray's criminal responsibility.

      "Certain history I was given by him, as well as family members, which indicates a long-standing treatment for psychiatric issues," said Dan Jaspen.

      A request was also ordered for Bray's competence to stand trial. The next hearing date has not been scheduled.