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      Man charged with kidnapping his daughter

      Two people are in the Marquette County Jail Friday night in a case of parental kidnapping, centering around a three-year-old girl from Sawyer.

      The father, 25-year-old Jesse Wiggin, was arrested Friday morning when he was at the Department of Human Services office in Marquette. He had custody of the child until December 29 and was then told, through court order, that the three-year-old girl was to be returned to the mother. That did not happen.

      Wiggin was trying to gain custody of the child Friday morning when he was taken into custody. His daughter was with the grandmother, 58-year-old Robin Gay Eggers. Eggers was picked up on a warrant in Escanaba with the three year old.

      The child was not harmed. Eggers is now in the Marquette County Jail awaiting arraignment on kidnapping, custodial interference, which is a felony.

      Wiggin has been arraigned on the same charge and is in jail on a $100,000 bond.

      No future court dates have been set for the pair.