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      Man chooses skunks as pets

      Some say dogs are a man's best friend, but for one man in the Keweenaw, skunks are his pet of choice.

      Tom Poynter is the owner of two skunks named Oreo and Snickers. Poynter says he's been a skunk owner for over 10 years.

      "Of the wild animals, they're probably the most docile and easily tamed," said Poynter. "They're not aggressive. They're not about things. You scare them easily, but they won't spray unless they're actually really threatened."

      You don't have to worry about getting sprayed by these skunks because their scent glands have been removed. If you're interested in having your very own pet skunk, Poynter says there are some rules you must follow.

      You need a permit from the Department of Natural Resources and you have to buy a skunk from a permitted breeder. If you'd rather just visit Oreo and Snickers, they live at the Delaware Mine in Keweenaw County.