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      Man drinks antifreeze; attempts to burn house down following dispute

      Home where dispute took place

      Early Saturday morning, Ironwood Public Safety received a call about a man who drank antifreeze.

      The subject had poured gasoline throughout the house and barricaded himself in an upstairs bedroom. Police believed the man was suspected to be suicidal after a domestic dispute with his live-in girlfriend.

      The SWAT team was called in and made entry into the barricaded room. The subject was taken into custody and transported to the hospital for treatment.

      The subject also asked officers how much of the house burned when he was in custody. Authorities believe he attempted to start a fire before barricading himself in the room.

      The 30 year old remains in critical condition. The girlfriend and an infant are unharmed and were relocated.

      During the three hour incident, a one block area was also evacuated to the Maplewood Steakhouse due to the fire hazard.

      Due to the nature of the call, the name and address will not be released.