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      Man faces charges of stealing from 84-year-old woman

      The trial began on Thursday for 19-year-old Michael Hylton who's accused of first degree home invasion.

      Opening statements began with the prosecuting attorney stating two young men, one of which was Hylton, went into the home of an elderly woman and stole her purse.

      The defense argued that Hylton was there, but he did not go inside the woman's home and he did not know that his friend, Corey Hansen, was going to steal money from the 84 year old.

      Helen Kotila, the victim in this case, took the stand.

      â??When did you discover something was missing?â?? asked Michael Makinen, prosecuting attorney.

      â??Maybe about five or ten minutes after when I sat down to get my glasses out of my purse, and my purse was gone,â?? answered Kotila.

      Corey Hansen took the stand and said Hylton knew they were going to take the money from the victim. Hylton did not take the stand.

      The defense and prosecution rested their cases, and closing arguments and jury deliberation will begin on Friday.