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      Man faces meth charges, asks judge for a chance to better himself

      Twenty years behind bars is a possible fate for an Ishpeming man facing drug charges.

      Thirty-one-year-old Todd Wentworth pled guilty to conspiracy to operate a meth lab due to mental illness. His sentencing on Wednesday was postponed after his lawyer requested time for family letters to be submitted to court, in an effort to have Wentworth serve his time in jail rather than prison.

      In court on Wednesday, the defendant told the judge he wants to get his life on track, but isn't getting any treatment to help his mental illness.

      "I'm more than willing to work to better myself, but I can't do that if I have no way to do that," said Wentworth.

      Judge Thomas Solka responded that treatment is determined at sentencing and administered after. Wentworth has three previous felonies on his record and was wanted by police in January when he was considered armed and dangerous during a three-day search.

      He will be sentenced on September 11 at 8:30 a.m.