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      Man frustrated with rejected insurance coverage

      Itâ??s buyer's remorse for Randy Hallenbeck of Niagara, and it's been an insurance nightmare for him and his damaged roof.

      Last year, heavy snow started to cause his garage roof to sway, so he contacted his Farmers' Insurance agent straight away.

      â??They did send a claims adjuster after two to three weeks, and I received a letter from the insurance company saying they were not going to cover it because of their definition,â?? said Hallenbeck. â??Nowhere in the terms did it state that it has to come in contact with the ground.â??

      So he went to the Wisconsin State Insurance Commissioner with his complaint but soon found out his insurance company cancelled his policy. He was then forced to buy insurance elsewhere, and now that he was put on a high-risk list, his rate doubled.

      Finally, during the last week of February upon returning from a trip, Randy came home to find that his roof completely collapsed. Now he's waiting to hear back from the state insurance commissioner as to what action to take next, but he said as a warning to others, know exactly what your policy covers.

      â??If you have any questions, especially with a winter like this, contact your agent, try to get clarification,â?? Hallenbeck said.

      And Upper Peninsula Insurance agent, Todd Lysinger, agrees.

      â??I recommend working with an agent that they build a trust with because that agent can be the most important person in their life when it comes to a claim,â?? said Lysinger.

      He said if the customer feels unfairly treated, they can go straight to the insurance commissioner, like Randy did. He suggests doing research on what exactly is covered and to err on the side of more coverage than not enough.

      â??Itâ??s very inexpensive to raise the liability limits. It might be ten dollars to raise it up to the next level that would provide hundreds of thousands worth of coverage for you,â?? Lysinger said.