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      Man golfs 200 holes for charity

      One local golfer is trying to raise money to fight breast cancer.

      Russ Dollar is trying to fit in 200 holes of golf in two days time. He's had people donate money for each hole he completes.

      The money he raises will go to the Breast Friends tournament at Gentz's Homestead golf course being held this weekend.

      "He golfs out here a lot every year, and this was his idea last year, and he raised quite a bit of money last year doing this. He started off at 5:30 a.m. this morning. I think this is his first time golfing this year, so he'll probably be pretty sore the next couple days," said course superintendant Charlie Gentz.

      This is the second year Dollar has participated in his own golf-a-thon. Last year he was able to raise about $1,000.