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      Man in court, accused of murdering girlfriend

      The Peshtigo man suspected in the murder of his girlfriend has been charged with first degree intentional homicide.

      Brent Kaempf appeared in court on Thursday for a bail hearing with his attorney through video conferencing. It was his first court appearance since his arrest on April 28. Bail was set at $1 million.

      "When a bail is set in Wisconsin, the person has to post the entire amount," said Assistant DA Kent Hoffman. "So there's no 10 percent rule or anything like that. A million dollars means that he would have to post a million dollars."

      Friends and family of the victim, Trish Waschbisch, were in court on Thursday as well, and one friend spoke to reporters.

      "We talked, but it was, you know, a friendship talk," said friend Carmen Hashimoto. "A sister talk. And, I just never really thought that, that it was that bad. It just never, never occurred to me, that it could ever be that, that bad."

      The judge said bail was set so high because of the nature of the crime, and he also said Kaempf was a flight risk. Kaempf is due back in court next Friday.