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      Man in court on charges after allegedly shooting neighbor's dog

      The man charged with allegedly shooting a dog appeared in court on Monday morning.

      Sixty-five-year-old Michael Baumann from Forsyth Township faces one count of killing or torturing an animal and one count of reckless use of a firearm. On Saturday, July 20, police responsed to a report of a dog that was shot several times on Johnson Lake Road.

      Baumann was later arrested and charged in the incident. He is currently out on a $1,500 bond, and it's not known if he was under the influence of any substance during the incident.

      "We ask that the prohibition on entering bars be rescinded or modified to allow my client to go there for purposes of employment," said Karl Numinen.

      "OK, I will allow that," stated Judge Girard. "I will modify the bond to allow him to enter bars or restaurants that serve alcohol."

      If found guilty, Bauhman faces at least four years in prison, more than $5,000 in fines, and suspension of hunting privileges for up to three years. He is expected to be in court again on August 9.