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      Man makes and gives away thousands of homemade crafts

      For 15 years, Frank Leser has had the happiness of others on the forefront of his mind.

      "I got into it because I like doing charity, whether it's hospitals, nursing homes,â?? said Leser. â??Itâ??s a fun thing when people get them; they get a good laugh. They love them.â??

      Theyâ??re called "CD fish" and he creates about 100 of them a month, so combined with 15 years of making them, well, you can do the math. He creates these fun reflective fish and then gives them away to whomever would like one. He even has plans to send a couple hundred to the Children's Hospital in Minneapolis. He started the project using CDs as way to keep his community clean.

      â??Since CDs, if you look, environmentally, don't do anything except sit there and litter and break,â?? Leser said. â??I take CDs; people bring them in, either from their computer or laptop, whatever. As long as they're not scratched, I can use them.â??

      And though some people donate materials, everything else comes out of Frank's pocket, but he said it's worth it to bring joy to those in his community.

      â??The kids are always happy no matter what, but the seniors we go to, when they get it, it's nothing fancy, but they love it. They get the biggest smile on their face, and that's what makes it all worthwhile,â?? Leser said.