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      Man playing Santa for homeless residents

      A group of homeless residents might get their Christmas wishes granted this year--and itâ??s all thanks to a Marquette bus driver.

      "We all have roofs over our heads, but these people don't," exclaimed Christensen. "They spend their days outside."

      Besides the job as a Checker bus driver, this year Max Christensen has picked up another role, but this one won't earn him a paycheck. He's playing Santa.

      "I just want them to have a little bit of Christmas," Christensen said.

      Every morning the group is picked up from their shelter and driven to a place serving them a hot meal. This short ride has left a big place in Christensen's heart for all of them, even calling them his kids. Recently, he asked them to write a letter to Santa saying what they want for Christmas.

      And, as much as these passengers need warm clothing in these freezing, below-zero, temperatures, there's one thing that they all asked for more than anything: a job.

      Joy Niemi, President of Room at the Inn, the organization providing their shelter and paying for the transportation to their morning meal, said she's not surprised.

      "They want what everybody else wants: they want a home, they want a job, they want a way to support themselves and to make a living," stated Niemi.

      But having no phone to be contacted makes landing a job a struggle. One Christensen hopes to solve along with other needs. He's asking the community for money, warm clothes and the best gift of all... a job. He hopes granting their Christmas wishes will give them something you can't put a price on. Hope.

      "They're all people; they have hearts and they have souls," Christensen said. "They have the same needs that we do."

      Prepaid phones are one of the priorities along with warm clothing and monetary donations. Boots, gloves, sweaters or anything really warm is also a priority. You can contact Christensen for more information about sizes and items requested by the group. His number is (906) 286-3018 or contact him through his Facebook by clicking here.