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      Man pleads guilty after knife incident at flea market

      Clifford Lemanski

      A man from Niagara facing charges from an alleged knife assault pled guilty on Friday in Dickinson County court.

      Sixty-two-year-old Clifford John Lemanski pled guilty to one misdemeanor charge of possession of an illegal weapon, which was a mechanical switchblade. He also pled to one misdemeanor assault and battery charge.

      The charges stem from a June 15 incident at a flea market in Breitung Township.

      "No, your honor. I did not ever pull a knife," said Lemanski.

      "Did you threaten him in any way?" asked Judge Christopher Ninomiya.

      "Yes, I did," Lemanski responded.

      "And what did you do to threaten him?" Judge Ninomiya asked.

      "I put my hand in his window and said, 'Don't go there,'" Lemanski stated.

      Lemanski will be back in court for sentencing on August 8 at 2:30 p.m.