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      Man returns after month-long sail

      After a month-long journey on Lake Superior, Carl Behrend returned to Munising Friday evening.

      Behrend traveled 1,200 miles, making stops in Canada and islands throughout Lake Superior -- all on his 18-foot catamaran. H e packed light for his trip, only bringing the essentials, while fishing for his meals.

      During his voyage, Behrend didn't experience many problems, except when he lost cell phone coverage, prompting his family to contact the Canadian Coast Guard.

      "Getting planned to getting the boat together, actually just leaving was the hardest part, I think. Getting all the stuff, the sails, everything all ready, the boat, make sure that's all in shape. All the gear that you would need, I think that's the hardest part," said Carl Behrend.

      A crowd of friends and family welcomed the boater to Munising. He says he plans write a book about his experience and make another trip in the future.