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      Man sentenced for killing a pedestrian with his truck

      Richard Charles Jordan is going to prison for a year and a half. He killed a pedestrian while driving with a revoked license.

      The 51-year-old Ely Township man pled no contest to the crime at an earlier court appearance.

      Last July, Linda Vanginkel was walking across north Third Street near the National Ski Hall of Fame in Ishpeming when she was struck by Jordan's pickup. She later died from her injuries.

      While in Marquette County Circuit Court on Friday, Jordan apologized for his crime. The judge accepted the apology and told Jordan that it was a deliberate act to operate a motor vehicle without a license.

      "Your not having a driver's license is not itself the cause of Ms. Vanginkel's death, but had you complied with the law and not operated your motor vehicle that day, she would not be dead," said Judge Thomas Solka.

      The judge gave Jordan credit for the 15 days he already served behind bars.