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      Man sentenced for possession of guns

      Tuesday in Florence County, there was a sentencing for a man originally charged for possessing child pornography and firearms.

      Sixty-five-year-old Rodney Conn appeared in court for his charge of possession of firearms by a felon. Earlier this year, Conn's original charges of possession of child pornography were dropped after forensic analysis found no evidence supporting these charges.

      The only charges that Conn was found guilty of on Tuesday were his two counts of possession of firearms. Conn had previous charges in 1994 in Florida, making him a felon, and therefore breaking the law by possessing firearms.

      "I'm just hoping for a good outcome here and to get on with my life," said Conn. "I'm just taking a leap of faith here, and I'm just hoping for the best."

      After a joint recommendation and the court finding him guilty of his charges, the judge sentenced Conn to nine months in jail with three years probation. Conn reports to jail on February 8.