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      Man sentenced for the murder of his wife

      Kenneth Peters was in court on Wednesday for sentencing after being convicted of first degree murder earlier this month.

      Peters received life in prison for killing his wife, 79-year-old Ethel Grzena Peters. He was found guilty on all charges after over 100 witnesses testified and the jury deliberated for over 12 hours.

      "Coward is too good of a word for you," read Milia Grzena Nivison, out loud in court.

      Before the verdict was read one of Ethel Grzena's daughters made a statement about what this loss means.

      "'It's all day, every day...all night, every night racking your brain to exhaustion thinking is there something else I could have done," Milia said.

      After almost a year of investigating and three weeks of testimony, the family and friends of the elderly woman can begin to find closure.

      "Never again will I get to see my mom, get to hug her, hold her," Milia read emotionally to court.

      "In your old age and your last days will be a great deal better than you left for your wife," said Judge Gotham. "You are sentenced to prison for the remainder of your life."

      #breakingnews : Life in prison for #kennethpeters !! @ wluctv6

      â?? Beth Cefalu (@BethanyCefalu) May 15, 2013