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      Man to woman: an update on a transsexual's journey

      Marissa Jayne Wolfe did not always look like the person she is today.

      As a child, people knew her as Steve. The last time TV6 talked to Marissa, she was leaving for Thailand for sexual reassignment surgery. "People assumed that I transitioned to be with a man and be straight. That has nothing to do with anything. Transition is about loving yourself. It's about embracing yourself and loving who you are with every cell of your fiber," said Marissa Jayne Wolfe.

      Transsexual is a medical term used to describe a person, like Marissa, who identifies as woman but was born a male, or a person born a female who identifies as a man.

      "Contrary to popular belief, we live in a two-part system. There's male/female. For sex there's male/female and everything in between. When a child is born with one gender or another gender or anything in between, then that person is going to know there's something wrong, and nobody should have to go through that to be themselves," Marissa said.

      Marissa has also undergone facial feminization surgery to help with her transition, but getting to this point was not easy. She said at one point in time, she had to live out of her car because she was denied a place to live.

      She also said she was harassed, asked personal questions at work, and even her own family had a hard time accepting her.

      "I just want to blend in. I just want to be happy with myself and blend in," Marissa said.After her first interview, she met a young man struggling with the same situation, and Marissa said even if her story helps one person, that is all that matters.

      "The haters are going to be haters, and people who hate others the most are actually hating themselves the most, and don't let anyone stop you from following your dreams. Be who you are, embrace yourself and love yourself," Marissa said..Marissa also shared that she is happy to have two very important women in her life--her daughter and her partner--and she is looking forward to spending the rest of her life with them both.