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      Manistique High School helps curb school bullying

      On Tuesday, Michigan became the 48th state to have an anti-bullying law. Governor Rick Snyder signed the bill to protect students.

      Manistique High School has just wrapped up an anti-bullying week with Friday TMs special assembly. Middle and high school students got a powerful lesson in bullying and suicide prevention.

      Rochelle McDowell was one of the presenters from Hiawatha Behavioral Health. She said she was bullied in high school, but talking to students about her painful experience has been therapeutic for her.

      It was really hard at first, said McDowell. But it's getting easier every time now, especially after I remember why I TMm doing it. I TMm doing it to help these students."

      The students had many awareness activities, and one of them was to sign a pledge. It said: "I promise to speak out against bullying in our school to help make it a safer and better place." And what they got in return is a bracelet that says: "Shred the Hate." Now when they wear it, they TMll remember the difference that they can make.

      The students learned that bullying comes in many forms, like cyber bullying, verbal, and physical bullying.

      Well, I TMve been bullied from maybe first or second grade, admitted seventh grader, Takoda Spears. "And it hasn't really stopped, but it's starting to stop. It makes me kind of upset when I get bullied.

      Still, there are students who don't speak up.

      We find out about those from parents who call in and say that this is going on, said Principal Butch Yurk. And we need it to stop, and of course, it's never been reported.''

      Principal Yurk said students have been suspended this year for bullying. But he also said that presentations like the one on Friday are an effective resource to decrease school bullying.