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      Manistique's Farmer's Market shows signs of economic benefit

      It is National Farmer's Market week, and we are taking a look at the one in Manistique and the impact it has in their area.

      A long line of people patiently wait for the Farmer's Market to open. Within minutes, a bell rings and everyone's rushing in to get the freshest produce around.

      "I usually get whitefish, I get kale. I bought honey, so quite a few things," said Linda Eimerman.

      Since it opened in 2010, the market has grown to have an average of sixteen farmers from Schoolcraft and Delta counties sell their foods and eighteen market sessions per season. You will find a variety of fruits and veggies here, including everything from blueberries and raspberries to lettuce, kale and much more.

      "Like a tomato. You don't realize how much a tomato really tastes until you've had a real tomato from a farmer's market or that you grow on your own. The potatoes are great. I mean everything that we get here is just great," said Melonie Neadow.

      The Market is open on Wednesdays from 4 to 6 p.m. In just those two hours, around 400 people stop by to pick something up.

      A recent economic study shows more money is getting spent at businesses in Manistique when the market is in town.

      "The people who shop at the farmer's market spend about $14 per person, and so that's a lot of dollars going into local farmers who then spend it again locally in our community," said Kerry Ott, Market Manager.

      Ott says the study also shows during a market day, $3,700 additional dollars are spent in Manistique.

      "It's done good on our business. It draws a lot of people not only here, but at our farm. People get to know where we're at and what we're producing," said Janet Rondeau.

      Typically the season runs from May to September, but this year they plan on having a few more days in October.