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      Man's vision of Jesus' life breathtaking

      St. Peter Cathedral in Marquette is displaying a new exhibit called, "My Father's Love".

      These are wooden mosaics depicting the life of Jesus Christ. The artist was Ed Lanser, a homeless man who passed away in 2009. He spent 30 years making these images with just a saw, wood, and Elmer's glue. Each piece of wood was cut down to either a triangular or diamond shape, which makes it look three dimensional.

      "He thought in symbols and numbers. Of course it takes a lot of numerical precision to do all these panels. He thought in symbols and put so much biblical symbolism in these panels, it's amazing," said Father Ryan Ford of St. Peter Cathedral.

      The panels will remain at St. Peter temporarily until a permanent place is found. You can see them for yourself during normal church hours, or stop by the open house on September 8.