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      MAPS board considers unfair labor practice charge

      A strike activity, that's what the Marquette Area Public School Board will call it if the teachers do not show up at the Open House scheduled for Wednesday August 27. Following a number of impassioned pleas from teachers and the public to resolve the contract dispute, the school board entered a closed session. After that session they adopted two resolutions. Resolution A states that if the teachers don't show, it's considered a strike activity. Resolution B states that the board will file an unfair labor practice charge against the Teachers Union. According to the Board's interpretation of the previous contract, teachers are compensated for the open house.

      "Our teachers have stated that they won't be showing up to our Open House on Wednesday, we believe that they need to show up to the Open Houses on Wednesday," said MAPS Superintendent Bill Saunders. "Resolution A gives the Superintendent the authority to issue a letter to each of our staff members requiring their attendance at Wednesday's Open House."

      Earlier teachers said they were only following the contract they're still under and that the move was not related to the current negotiations. Following the meeting we did try to contact a MAPS teacher Union representative. We have not heard back from them yet.