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      MAPS Board talks Proposal 2

      Monday, the Marquette Area Public School Board chose to remain neutral on a proposed amendment to the state constitution. As written, Proposal 2 would give public and private employees the right to organize and participate in collective bargaining.

      Teachers, parents and concerned citizens spoke out in favor of Proposal 2, but many expressed their hopes that the school board would remain neutral.

      "I would also like to stay very neutral on this position as a school board member," said MAPS Board Member Laura Songer. "Personally I have an opinion and I know how I'm going to vote, but as a school board member, I really don't see how it's going to benefit our cause."

      The board also got an update on an upcoming millage renewal. The millage was passed in 1994 and is set to expire in 2014. If the millage is defeated, Marquette Area Public Schools would stand to lose 8.5 million dollars from their operational budget.