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      MAPS contract woes

      Teachers at Marquette Area Public Schools are currently without a contract, and it could soon affect their pay according to the school board. The board presented a contract to the teachers union last September and within the contract were step increases. Step increases are pay hikes for teachers as they accumulate years in the district. The contract, however, was never signed. New legislation prohibits the teachers from receiving the increases with an expired contract.

      "If it is not signed, we have to go back to the table, we have to start negotiating because, in theory, we do not have a contract. That is our opinion, and we're going to try and get signatures for both parties so we can move forward," said Rich Rossway, President of the MAPS School Board.

      The unsigned contract would've expired in June. Despite a difficult financial situation, the school board agreed to pay the teachers about $400,000 in step increases.