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      MAPS looks for ways make up days

      The Marquette Area Public School Board met Monday to discuss plans to make up some of the snow days they've had to use due to the harsh winter weather. At their regular meeting, Interim Superintendent Bill Saunders discussed the process of canceling school. He explained that when temps, including wind chill, fall to 25 below zero or colder, they've closed.

      Marquette schools have already used all six built in snow days, closing seven times this year. The board is looking at having school in session February 14 and 17, days originally planned off.

      "It seems to be one of those winters, one of those years where, especially with the extreme cold, we've been hit with these decisions," said Saunders. "I would say forecasting out for the rest of the year, as I'm constantly reminded, it's only January, there's still a good chance for some snow days."

      The board also approved a request for $100,000 of grant money for a great room in the Kaufman Auditorium. The great room would serve as a reception area before and after events held at the auditorium. The money would come from Cliffs and the Eagle Mine Project who are giving four million dollars over the next five years to major community projects or programs that focus on education, youth, and community development.