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      MAPS plans renovations following Sinking Fund approval

      The Sinking Fund for the Marquette Area Public Schools passed in the primary elections. It's a .95 millage that would raise $11 million during the course of 10 years.

      Funds go specifically to provide upgrades and infrastructure renovations. Now the district will be looking at all of the upgrades they need to make throughout their schools.

      The first one on their list is safety enhancements such as security cameras, and a main entryway for people to control access. Also on their list, upgrades to their technology, and electrical wiring throughout their schools.

      "We're extremely grateful and appreciative for the support," says Bill Saunders, MAPS superintendent. "This was huge for the students of Marquette Area Public Schools. I think it's going to be a huge bonus for the community. It's much needed that we have that investment to upgrade our buildings."

      They expect to see their first payment installment sometime this December.