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      MAPS reaches tentative agreement with Marquette teachers

      Marquette Area Public Schools Board has reached a tentative agreement with the Marquette teachers' union.

      According to Superintendent Bill Saunders, the union will be encouraging teachers to attend the open houses Wednesday night. Michigan Education Association representative Stuart Skauge stated that the new deal includes the open houses, but there will no disciplinary action for not attending, due to the short notice of the agreement.

      MAPS Board President Rich Rossway has released the following statement:

      "I can acknowledge that the negotiating teams have reached a tentative agreement, but neither party has yet to ratify. While the Board is encouraged by the TA, we must still evaluate details regarding the long term effects on our budget. The Board has fought hard to represent the taxpayer first and foremost throughout the process, and we will remain committed to being fiscally responsible as the Board evaluates the TA and its bottom line impact on the District."