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      MAPS superintendent defends teacher cuts

      Teaching cuts could be in the works for Marquette Area Public Schools.

      Nothing has been finalized yet, but MAPS is considering laying off about three teachers, and about seventeen could be moved from full time to part time or have schedule changes.

      "Going to the staffing is always the most heartwrenching piece of our meetings, and we don't do this lightly," said MAPS Superintendent Deborah Veiht.

      Students are rallying behind one teacher in particular, making T-shirts to support Jan Brodersen, the choral director of Marquette Senior High School. She was informed this week that her position could be reduced to part time.

      As of right now, there aren't any plans to fully lay off any of the teachers in the Marquette Senior High School music department. But the students involved in the program are in an uproar.

      " The school board has to make their yearly cuts to the budget here at MSHS, and we just don't want anything to happen to the art program. It's very important to us. I'm a choir student here at MSHS, and I wouldn't want to see any teachers removed or anything happen to the program here. It's a really great program, and a lot of people are a part of it, and a lot of people love it ," said Guy Madjar, an MSHS student.

      Students are worried that the cuts could affect the future of the MSHS music department, including nixing the school musical. But the superintendent says the musical is still in the school budget.

      "We're great supporters of the arts. We believe in it. And again, this is not personal toward a teacher. It's because of the positions and the financial situations that we're in. We have to make choices. We have to balance the budget," Veiht added.

      The decision regarding the job cuts will be made at the next school board meeting at the end of June.