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      Marching against Monsanto in Marquette

      Protesters took to the streets in Marquette Saturday to march against Monsanto.

      The March Against Monsanto spreads awareness about genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, in a wide variety of foods worldwide. The Monsanto Company is a leading producer in genetically engineered seed. Protesters say that there is no evidence supporting the safety of genetically engineered food and that foods with GMOs should be labeled. They recommend that consumers know what they're buying and to support local farmers.

      "I'm here to support local food, organic food, a healthy food for people here in Marquette and throughout the country and the world," said Marquette area farmer, Douglas Trumbull.

      "I am here because I think everyone in the world deserves access to healthy, local food," said concerned citizen, Angela Johnson.

      The march is part of the second annual worldwide March Against Monsanto, which involves millions of people in 57 countries. The marchers will be protesting outside Congressman Dan Benishek's office Wednesday, October 16, at 5 p.m.