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      Marines gather in Houghton to honor the fallen

      The Keewenaw Detatchment Marine Corps League 10-16 gathered at the Forest Hill Cemetary in Houghton to honor veterans.

      The group spent the morning laying 1300 flags at veterans graves. They had help from Boy Scouts, church groups and families that volunteered to set the flags out.

      Members of the league say this is the least they can do to show appreciation and honor fellow veterans.

      "The big thing is honoring the veterans. That's the bottom line, that's the thing a lot of people dont realize... how many veterans there are around especially in the Copper Country or the U.P. because there's a lot of participation in our military from the Midwest and Michigan" said league member Paul Smigowski.

      The league has been doing this ceremony for around ten years to honor the veterans.