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      Marinette Marine Corporation opens new ship building facility

      On Monday, a $73.5 million investment from an Italian shipbuilding company, called Fincantieri Marine Group, is finally complete at the Marinette Marine Corporation (MMC).

      The brand new facility, known as the Grand Module Construction Building, is the last of five major buildings completed at MMC. The building has a 29,000 square foot construction area along with three 50 ton overhead cranes.

      "On a given day, there's 100 to 150 employees who are in this building. They're building what we call grand modules which are a bottom and deck stack or two decks stacked on top of each other, and that's the basic building block for a ship," said Chuck Goddard, President and CEO of MMC.

      MMC is currently building six littoral combat ships for the U.S. Navy with the option of building four more.

      With 1,400 employees and increasing the workforce by 60 percent, MMC said they still have work to do.

      "What we want to do is create a center of competence here where the facilities can combine with the best processes and the most skilled work force. What we're doing is developing the competence further and the skills of the work force," said Francesco Valente, Pres. CEO Fincantieri.