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      Marinette Marine gets more money for US Navy ships

      A massive amount of money will be going to Marinette Marine after a recent bill passed, according to Senator Carl Levin's office.

      Marinette Marine is slotted to receive $1.8 billion for the construction of a new Littoral Combat Ship, similar to the USS Milwaukee which was launched earlier this week. The money comes from the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014, which was passed last Thursday.

      "This year's bill again shows that Michigan's manufacturing, engineering, research and technology strengths make our nation safer and provide economic opportunity for Michigan families," said Levin. "From Detroit to Menominee, and from robotics and advanced materials to trucks and ships, these projects demonstrate the breadth and importance of Michigan's contributions to our national security."

      Marinette Marine employs several hundred Michigan residents, is one of two shipyards constructing the LCS, and has constructed several ships so far.