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      Mark Schauer: Michigan needs change

      Mark Schauer (L) with Jim Alderson (R) Gwinn resident

      A report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ranking states by unemployment, had disappointing results for Michigan. The list, which was released in December of 2013, ranks Michigan as 48 out of 51.

      Sunday in Marquette, Mark Schauer, a Democrat running for governor in this yearâ??s election, says that needs to change.

      The gubernatorial candidate talked with voters in Marquette about things he hopes to change if elected. Schauer says he aims to invest more into education, which he feels could help reduce unemployment in Michigan.

      "Good education produces good jobs, and what Iâ??ve seen under our current governor is a billion dollar cut to our schools," stated Schauer. "What we've got to do is get our priorities right."

      "A key to a good job is a good education, and that's priority number one for me," Schauer added.

      Other data reveals Michiganâ??s economy has improved while Governor Rick Snyder has been in office.

      According to Comerica Bank, Michiganâ??s ec onomy reached a 10-year high in 2013.

      The study adds housing markets statewide are improving as sales and prices increase.

      Governor Snyder responded that though Michigan still has some challenges, it's well on its way to making a comeback.