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      Marquette alumni gather for the holidays

      Marquette alumni had someplace special to party Thursday. The second annual holiday homecoming brought together graduates from Marquette Senior High School, Bishop Baraga, Marquette Alternative High School and other schools in the area. The homecoming gives alums who are in town for the holidays a place to catch up with friends from their school days. The event is put on by the Marquette Area Public Schools Education Foundation.

      "We heard from people you know it'd be nice if we could visit around the holiday season when we're home so we thought we would provide a venue; you don't have to buy tickets, you don't have to do anything. Just come," said Tom Baldini, President of the Foundation. "So we've made it into a very nice social evening, we hope, so people have an opportunity to say hi to one another."

      Donations to the foundation were accepted, but not expected at the party. The foundation works to provide scholarships to students.