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      Marquette and L'Anse choirs sing Mozart's famous Requiem (VIDEO)

      Music lovers in Marquette were treated to a free performance of one of Mozart's most famous works.

      Members of the Marquette County Chamber Chorale, Marquette Men's Chorus, and Bay Area Chorus from L'Anse sang together for the first time this weekend. They performed Mozart's Requiem at Redeemer Lutheran Church. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was composing the Requiem in 1791 when he passed away, and it was completed by one of his students. Performers say singing the work together was an amazing experience.

      "I normally sing in a church choir with about a dozen members, so to sing in an ensemble with 50 to 60 voices is huge for me," said Tenor Rob Aho.

      "I think it's great, it's exciting. It gives us a great sense of accomplishment for what we've been able to do over the last several months. It's nice to see it all come together," said Alto Julie Angle.

      Organizers say they would love to do this again next year and include even more choirs. The event also helped raise money for Room at the Inn. The attached video includes the movements entitled "Confutatis" and "Lacrimosa."