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      Marquette and Lundin Mining meet on trucking agreement

      The City of Marquette and Lundin Mining have reached a tentative agreement on a trucking route through the city.

      For the past eight months a transportation sub-committee from the city and Lundin representatives have been working on the deal. An expected increase in truck traffic coming from Lundin's Eagle Mine project is what started the discussion.

      Long-term plans for the agreement could also include a bypass around Marquette. The agreement will be made public this Friday.

      "I think we've reached a very fair agreement that would continue our efforts along with Lundin's efforts to have a bypass which I think everyone wants, including that Lundin does not want to come through the city, but they have to get their ore from point A to point B," said Mike Coyne, Marquette City Commission.

      "We've been working over the last couple of years with the City of Marquette and a number of other municipalities to work on this longstanding issue of truck traffic through the city," said Dan Blondeau, Lundin Mining. "We think the agreement and the upgrades to the roads that will follow will be good, not only for our trucks, but all users of the roads."

      The agreement is scheduled to be read at the next city commission meeting Monday, May 12. That will be the first of two reads for the proposed truck route.