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      Marquette approves street restorations

      The Marquette City Commission is moving forward with work to repair damaged streets following the damage caused by this past winter. The Commission awarded a contract for about $336,000 worth of restoration work to Oberstar Incorporated at their regular meeting Monday.

      This winter brought between 50 and 60 frozen pipe and broken water main cases to the city. One of the more sever breaks in the city caused a sinkhole to form on Seventh Street in April. City officials say this will help bring closure to residents.

      "With the outside help it really allows the city to complete, for the residents, their streets being torn up and restore them back to normal." said Marquette Water/Wastewater Superintendent Curt Goodman. "That's the one thing I think the residents will be pleased to see is crews out and about and actually doing some restoration in front of their homes that were affected."

      The restoration work is likely to begin very soon. The cost of the restorations would be reimbursed to the city under the emergency declaration passed in April.