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      Marquette area marinas open for the summer

      After the harsh winter kept them closed, both Presque Isle and Cinder Pond Marinas have opened up for the summer.

      The marinas usually open on May 1st, but this year with ice on Lake Superior into June, the city had no choice but to keep them closed. Now that it has warmed up and the ice has melted it will be business as usual for both locations.

      "Everyone's been frustrated because of the weather everyone's been wanting to get out here," says Jon Swenson of community services. "It's really important that we got these facilities open and that we got all the temporary measures in place to provide all the services that were provided before, and I think everybody is ready to get this summer going."

      While the Cinder Pond Marina building has been demolished, city officials have installed temporary facilities to keep things running normally and are working on a plan to build a new marina building.