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      Marquette Area Public School board delays realignment decision

      There was a full house Monday night at the Marquette Area Public School board meeting. The hot topic was the realignment of grade levels at some of the school buildings, due to lack of space. The board did not make a decision during the meeting and deferred to making the decision at a later date.

      It was proposed to the board by Interim Superintendent, Bill Saunders, to utilize the available space in existing district buildings. Members of a realignment committee have been working for nine months on a solution. Their proposal would involve possibly ending the lease with the YMCA and utilize all the classrooms at the Vandenboom Elementary School for the growth of the Marquette Alternative High School program. The Y currently leases a number of classrooms at Vandenboom for their Early Childhood Education program. Another option is to see if the Y can co-exist with the alternative high school at Vandenboom. The committee also recommends using the Graveraet school as a kindergarten through fifth grade elementary building. Sandy Knoll, Cherry Creek, and Superior Hills schools would also be kindergarten through fifth grade elementary buildings.

      Bothwell Middle School would be for grades six through eight, and Marquette Senior High School would be grades nine through twelve.

      "A lot of the input that we've received through several community surveys, obviously community input today (Monday), leads us to believe that the community would like to see a K through five, six through eight, nine through twelve grade alignment for MAPS," said Bill Saunders, Interim Superintendent of Marquette Area Public Schools.

      All options of realignment are being considered by the board.